The Rotary International Long-Term Youth Exchange Scholarship is open to young men and women between the ages of 15 and 18½. The exchange runs an academic year, during which the student is sponsored by a local Rotary Club, lives with host families, and attends school in one of approximately 70 host countries. This program aims to promote peace and inter-country understanding, while providing a challenging and enriching experience for selected student participants. The exchange experience offers you: a new culture; a new language; new international friends; personal growth and maturity; the opportunity to teach others about your country; a broader view of the world; and, the BEST year of your life!

However, this is a three year commitment

Your first year you will apply, if accepted you and your parents will spend a year preparing for a successfull year.

Your second year will be spent in another country. You typically will live with multiple host families during the year and are expected to perform daily tasks within the household as well as attend school in the host country. The number of host families can vary, but three is the most common number.

Your third year is what we call "Rebound". Where you return to your life in the U.s. Then you become a Rotex.

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About Rotary

Code of Policies - Insurance - May 2014

Code of Policies - May 2014

Countries we exchange with

D.O.S. Regulations (22 CFR 62.25)

D.O.S. Toll-Free HotlineDistrict 5230 Outbound Handbook

History of Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary International flyer

Rotary International guide for exchange students

Rotary International Outbound Handbook

Outbound Rules



Do's and Don'ts


Host Family Referral

With such a large district the process varies by area. Normally within an area information meetings will be held for students and parents. To find when these will be held you should contact your Local "Club Group Coordinator Representative". You can contact them by clicking here. Your Club Group Coordinator Representative will let you know the schedule of events within their area.


If you are interested in the program and do not see information for your area you may either:

Find a local Rotary (click here) and contact the Club President or
Contact our District 5230 director click here


At some point you will be requested to fill out the Short Form Application

After the initial process you may be selected for the District Outbound Interviews. There is a $50 application fee that is required for the students attending the District Outbound Interviews.  If you are selected into the program the $50 will then be applied toward your Program Fees.  If not the fee is non-refundable and pays for the weekend event.


The application links are listed below depending on where you live.



Fresno County

King or Tulare County

Monterey County


If selected you will be instructed to fill out the Full Application.

The YEAH site has a short dormant time and closes. Be sure to save your work often. When automatically logged off any information not saved will be lost.

Outbound Student Application - Long Form



ACT Overseas

Guarantee Form

Learning strategies for a foreign language

SAT Overseas

Tips for a successful exchange



College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Youth Exchange Survey